Friends of EMW

Looking for a provider? We’ve got you covered! We have lots of friends.

Bourke Chiropractic offers a full bodied approach to wellness and treatment of spinal and extremity conditions through chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work, correcting strength imbalances and postural modifications. It is a practice where patients are fully confident in the quality of their care, comfortable in the facility, and feel the full benefits of a partnership working on an individualized path to wellness.

Art of Adaptive Alignment Yoga Therapy offers a holistic approach to empowered self-healing. A Yoga Therapist employs the tools of yoga – postures, breath-work, mindfulness and meditation specific to the needs of each individual. With a background in the precise alignment principles of Iyengar methodology, LizziDee Levin, C-IAYT specializes in correcting poor postural habits, addressing a range of spinal conditions and injuries, scoliosis and pelvic asymmetry, arthritis, MS and other chronic inflammatory conditions. Yoga Therapy can be a great option for adapting your yoga practice post-injury, as well as a great complement to Physical Therapy and Chiropractic care.

Pilates Loft practices contemporary Pilates, with a focus on functional and efficient movement, in a safe and inclusive environment. We pay attention to detail and instruct with intention.  We aim to keep our clients strong, resilient, and able to do all the things they love in life. 

Ken-Ton Physical Therapy in Kenmore offers a stable, viable physical therapy practice employing expert level practitioners to diagnose, treat and prevent illness, injury and disability in individuals of all ages and stages of life, in an atmosphere of trust, compassion and mutual respect.

Prescribed Motion in Williamsville offers a boutique physical therapy and fitness services including Pilates and functional exercise. Clients may receive private, one-hour treatment sessions or begin an exercise program that is designed and managed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.