Virabhadrasana II

Virabhadrasana II

Monica Z. 

teacher - roll & Flow

I love yoga because it consistently offers opportunities for fresh perspectives and insights into well-being.  I’m grateful that my teaching and practice continue to evolve and deepen.

My classes, like my personal practice, emphasize mindfulness.  They also offer opportunities for physical challenges by introducing new and varied movements while encouraging self-compassion. I teach healthful alignment, but I’m aware that 'correct’ alignment may vary from person to person, and that there is no one ‘right’ way to move.

I offer layers of options in my classes and love when students find their personal practice.  My classes seek a balance between physical challenge and deep rest with opportunities for insight and growth.

My training and experience includes two 200-hour teaching certifications in Gentle and Iyengar-inspired yoga. I also have Restorative yoga and Yoga Tune Up® Roll Model Method teaching certification.  I have trained with Jules Mitchell, Cecily Milne, Kathryn Bruni-Young, and Tom Myers.