Beginner Vinyasa Flow

Beginner Vinyasa Flow introduces the basics of Vinyasa Yoga in an open and ongoing class to those new to the practice, as well as those interested in continuing to work on the fundamentals. This class will acquaint practitioners with the fundamental poses (asanas), focusing on breathing techniques (pranayama) and alignment principles that build a solid foundation for a flowing Vinyasa yoga practice. We will explore sun salutations as a method of building heat and linking poses. Strength, alignment, and endurance develop through appropriate sequencing modifications and drills. No prior yoga experience is required but if you have mobility issues that prevent you from easily getting up off the floor, or you are looking for a consistently slower-paced practice, you have lots of other choices. Check out Wise Warriors, Hatha, Iyengar-Style Hatha, Yin or Gentle/Restorative Yoga.

Flow & GO

Flow & Go is our vinyasa style class in a convenient, one hour format. This class is only offered at the Buffalo Foundry.

Slow Vinyasa Flow

Slow Vinyasa Flow moves at a slower, more mindful, breath-centered pace. The use of less challenging variations of Sun and Moon Salutations and the slower pace make this class appropriate for practitioners looking for a careful and alignment focused class. Appropriate personal modifications and use of props are introduced and emphasized. This class is suitable for practitioners with some experience with vinyasa and is only offered at the Buffalo Foundry

Pay-What-You-Can Vinyasa Flow 

At East Meets West we believe yoga should be accessible to all, no matter what your financial status. Our Pay-What-You-Can Vinyasa classes are offered in the spirit of opening yoga to the greater community. These classes also offer an easy option for our regular students to bring a guest or for anyone to try out our studio. Donations can be made with cash or credit card. Like all our regularly scheduled weekly classes they are included with an Automatic Unlimited Monthly (AUM) membership or the one month New Student Special. Students who wish to use a class pass can simply let the teacher know when you sign in.